Raw Skill, No Tricks, No Gimmicks

Franky the Genius

Pure guitar virtuousity. All live, All trick free. One man playing the BASS, CHORDS, AND MELODY AT THE SAME TIME.

An incredible guitarist that has developed a special technique that allows him to play the BASS, MELODY, AND CHORDS, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. All in a tastefull and flowing way, so much so that people listening to it often forget or are completely unaware that there is NO BASSIST on the CD. Just an amazingly skillful extraordinary guitarist on an ordinary every day guitar.

The result is this CD that shows some of the range of FRANKY'S work.

FRANKY THE GENIUS is also a poet that speaks 8 languages, 2 of which are here on this CD as can be heard on track # 5 La Plage. This song which is a FRANKY original, shows FRANKY'S specialty in going from Funk/Soul to Brazilian Samba, to Jazz and back all in one tune. And the instrument set up is just GUITAR and PERCUSSION, THAT'S IT!


There are no overdubs on the CD so what you hear is exactly what FRANKY does in concert, taking the acoustic guitar to another level entirely!

There are also works composed by other artists here on this CD, and you can hear FRANKY'S treatment of songs by artists as varied as Stevie Wonder, Thelonious Monk, George Gershwin, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, and Miles Davis. As well as 5 originals by FRANKY THE GENIUS. 1) SOLO GUITAR FLIGHT: Is just that.INCREDIBLE, Live unaccompanied guitar work by FRANKY 2) SUMMERTIME: A Funk/Straight-ahead jazz treatment of the Jazz standard. 3) MY CHERIE AMOUR: A soulful rendition of a beautiful Stevie Wonder classic. 4) CONFIRMATION/JOY SPRING: A solo guitar medley of 2 of classic Jazz's great artists, Charlie Parker, and Clifford Brown. 5) This is a FRANKY original and is the same instrumentation as all of the previous cuts ( guitar and drums), and in addition is sung by FRANKY in French and Arabic. This is part of the unique way that FRANKY composes, doing so in the many languages that he masters with plays on words and a fascinating world view. 6) HIPPER THAN THOU: Is a vehicle for showing off the amazing technique that FRANKY has. Straight ahead Jazz at a break-neck speed. 7) GIANT STEPS: A solo guitar interpretation of a John Coltrane Classic.Wow! 8) MONK'S DREAM: One of FRANKY'S favorite tunes by Thelonious Monk. 9) DON'T YOU WORRY 'BOUT A THING: A soul/samba treatment of one of FRANKY'S favorite and most respected artists, Stevie Wonder. 10) I WISH: Another Stevie Wonder tune, this time done solo guitar. 11) CHI TOLLU YALLA: A FRANKY original this song is actually taken from a previous recording done by FRANKY in 1983. The title is in a West African language called Wolof and means, "In the garden of God" 12) TRANQUILITY: Another FRANKY original this time in a smooth jazz format also from a 1983 recording. 13) FOUR: A Miles Davis classic, performed solo guitar by FRANKY. CHECK OUT ALSO: The FRANKY THE GENIUS CD "I'M JUST SUCH A GENIUS" of all original tune by FRANKY in Portuguese, English, and French. A totally fascinating work showing the gamut of FRANKY'S talents. Jazz station WPFW IN WASHINGTON DC says "Franky the Genius is just that, a true genius. Not only a Guitar Virtuoso, but also a Multilingual Poet, and very unique and tasteful Composer. Get anything you can by this Incredible Artist!"

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    Four 2:32