I'm Just Such A Genius

Franky The Genius

Multilingual poet, virtuoso guitarist playing bass chords and melody at the same time, all live, all real, world jazz

FRANKY THE GENIUS * The combination of music, poetry, and world outlook of FRANKY THE GENIUS are the things that make this artist so unique. FRANKY THE GUITARIST As a Guitarist FRANKY THE GENIUS is exceptional. The ability that he has to play the: BASS, CHORDS, And MELODY, AT THE SAME TIME, in and of itself renders his work unique, and well worthy of the attention and respect that even the most critical of JAZZ instrumental affectionados pay to his music. This is not simply mindless technique, but a very tasteful combination of Jazz, soul, funk, flamenco, and Brazilian stylings. www.frankythegenius.com * FRANKY THE MULTILINGUAL POET The artistic concepts of this artist cannot be contained in just one language, FRANKY THE GENIUS composes in 7 different languages, engaging the listener in the unique magic that each language has to offer. English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, and Wolof, all come into play for the artistic expression of this amazing indivdual. FRANKY THE GENIUS invites you to share in his universe to see his unique view, whether you speak many languages or not and enjoy the "world Jazz thing".

FRANKY THE GENIUS Born to a mixed heritage of African, latino, and Cherokee ancestry, Multilingual Poet/Composer & Jazz guitar virtuoso FRANKY THE GENIUS comes into the world with a set of circumstances that found a particularly appropriate vehicle of expression in music. Starting at age 8, he began to play the guitar and has accumulated over the years a wealth of knowledge and experience that have produced the fine synthesis of stylings and stunning technique that are the hallmark of his unique sound, characterized by the incredible ability to play the BASS, CHORDS, and MELODY, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. But more than just technique is involved here, the subtle and tasteful mix of JAZZ, BRAZILIAN, FUNK, AND CLASSICAL stylings make for a very pleasant musical experience. Whether playing solo guitar Jazz standards, or in an ensemble setting playing his elaborate compositions, FRANKY THE GENIUS fascinates audiences all over the globe with his ecclectic music and citizen of the world style. From being a studio musician in Canada, to heading the Jazz department in Dakar Senegal West Africa at the National conservatory, to co-found "Cent pour Cent" (100%), a cultural arts organization that taught music, production, and graphic arts, to establishing "Cultural Shock" in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Genius' talent and experience saw him producing television commercials for French language TV in Africa, organizing festivals in Canada, Africa, and Brazil. He has brought African artists to the US to perform and record with the Smithsonian Institute. He continues to travel and perform in the US and abroad and is currently doing the tour "Cara a cara com o impossivel" ( face to face with the impossible), and appears regularly on Brazilian and US cable TV. FRANKY THE GENIUS is also the author of 2 books on music: The Frank Gaskin method of guitar mastery. & Polytonal Superimposition * WWW.frankythegenius.com


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